• Authentic wine barrel and resting block with great rural character. All made from solid wood right here in New Zealand.
  • The iconic Railway Spike Coat Stands are a favourite among Black Dog followers. Hang your hat on a genuine railway spike, and admire its striking shape and rich finish. A truly eye-catching piece of furniture.
    Dimensions and Pricing: 4 spikes: $690 Additional Spikes: $25 each
  • Black Dog's selection of indoor mirrors are strikingly beautiful, with rich colours, shapes and textures and all with a distinct quirky personality. All styles can be made to measure to suit your wall space perfectly. Pricing: Prices vary according to size and style. Please enquire for further information when you request a quote.   Style A  $290 Frame 530 x 380w (Mirror glass 430 x 280) Style B Large Frame  $990  1210 x 905 w (Mirror Glass 1000 x 700) Small Frame  $350   480 x 420w (Mirror glass 295 x 235w) Style C $990  1110 x 805 w (Mirror Glass  900 x 700) Style D $1090  1210 x 905 w  Style E Woolpress  $490  700 x 700w approx (Mirror Glass 450 x 450)   Andy's Arty $590  520 x 520 (Mirror Glass 150 x 150)
  • Hang you hat on a genuine railway spike with these beautiful rustic pieces Simple, functional and full of character. NOTE: Styles and lengths vary. Please ask about stock availabilty when you request a quote.
    Details & Prices:  1 spike $50    2 spike $100   3 spike $150 Additional spike & length: $50 each Shelves:  $30 to $60 depending on size    
  • The genuine article! 1L cans in the 4 colours. We recommend oiling your furniture every 6-12 months. Easter to protect for the winter and Labour weekend for a good drink prior to summer are good times. 1L will cover 4sqm - roughly one Wool Press Bar Leaner - in good condition. You'll need more if your furniture is in bad condition. Colours: Charcoal Antique Brown Dark Honey Blonde Product Images Every effort is made to provide accurate images of each product's colour however, actual colours may vary due to different device screen settings, lighting, differences in product finishes over time and other factors such as oil batches and timbers used. In purchasing from Black Dog you agree to accept that that there will be a slight variation between the actual colour and the representation on our website.