Meet Our Most Popular Table: The Black Dog Pioneer – Tough, Timeless, and Totally Awesome

Timeless Classic Design: The Pioneer Table is like that friend who never goes out of style. With its solid, tough design, it fits perfectly into any home.Whether you’re going for a modern rustic look or a dressed smooth finish, this table has got you covered. It’s basically the James Bond of tables.

Built Like a Tank: Crafted in NZ grown macrocarpa and featuring H and angled bracing for rock-solid support, this table isn’t just tough – it’s practically indestructible.

🔲 Square or Rectangle – You Decide: Got a cozy corner or a spacious dining room? No problem! The Pioneer Table comes in both square and rectangular shapes to fit your space perfectly.

Versatile Elegance: From fancy family dinners to wild parties, the Pioneer Table is your go-to. Think of it as the black dress or black suit of furniture, but way more functional and less likely to get stuck in your closet.

Pair up with

Pioneer Forms or Pews  

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