Black Dog’s selection of indoor mirrors are strikingly beautiful with rich colours, shapes and textures and all with a distinct quirky personality.
All styles can be made to measure to suit your wall space perfectly.

Pricing: Prices vary according to size and style.

  Style A  $190 Frame 530 x 380w (Mirror glass 430 x 280)

Style B Large Frame  $750  Frame 1210 x 905w (Mirror Glass 1000 x 700)

Style C $990  1110 x 805w (Mirror Glass  900 x 700)

Style D $1090  1210 x 905w

 Style E Woolpress  $490  700 x 700 approx (Mirror Glass 450 x450)

  Andy’s Arty $590  520 x 520 (Mirror Glass 150 x 150)

Please enquire for further information when you request a quote.