Say hello to our Wood Slat Stools, the perfect blend of craftsmanship and comfort. Whether you’re sitting at the table (450h), pulling up to the breakfast counter (650h), or enjoying one of our leaners (750h), these stools have got you covered in style.

Built to last, each stool is meticulously crafted, ensuring strength and longevity. No wobbles here—just a solid, reliable stool that stands the test of time. The curved base is designed so you can sit back and relax.

🪑 Need a little extra back support?  You can add a back to these stools, providing that extra bit of comfort for those long breakfasts or late-night chats.

High Back available in 650h and 750h stools only.

These versatile stools can be used inside or outside! Use them in kitchen one day and then effortlessly transition to your deck for a  barbecue the next.

Choose from two top sizes: 340mm square or, for a more generous fit, a roomy 400mm square.

Wood Slat Stools: Crafted for strength, curved for comfort, and perfect for anywhere you need a handy seat