The Wool Press Table – Rugged Charm with a Touch of NZ Heritage

Introducing The Wool Press Table, a masterpiece adapted from the classic shearing shed wool press. This table combines iconic style with serious rugged charm, bringing a slice of New Zealand’s heritage into your home.

🌾 Ruggedly Iconic: The Woolpress Table isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a nod to the hardworking spirit of New Zealand. Adapted from the classic wool press used in shearing sheds, it exudes an authentic, rugged charm that’s as Kiwi as a meat pie at a rugby game..

🔄 Maximized Seating: Thanks to its Woolpress base, this table offers maximum seating room without those pesky table legs getting in the way. More space for chairs means more space for friends, family, and the occasional uninvited sheepdog.

Perfect for those who appreciate the rich heritage and unyielding charm of New Zealand.