• Bringing beauty, tradition and utility to your kitchen. These stunning blocks serve both as a food preparation area and as a gorgeous piece of furniture. Black Dog standard Butcher's Blocks are available with one, two and three drawers. Handles may vary. Dimensions and Pricing: Standard 1 Drawer:            600 sq. x 900 h                                                                                   $1,490 Standard 2 Drawer:           1200 x 600 x 900 h                                                                            $2,390 The Big Block -3 drawer: 1800 x 800 x 900 h - 2 shelves & Recessed alcove for seating $4390 ADD Extras: Towel rail                    Castors                    Customised handles Available in Antique Brown, Honey or Charcoal and/or burnishing oil.  Burnishng oil provides a food safe light natural look.
  • Black Dog's popular Piggy and Apple versatile chopping boards. Use one for meat and one for fruit and vege. Our handcrafted durable timber boards are available in varying sizes. Stock may vary to boards pictured.
    Details & Pricing: Piggy - from $35 Apple - from $20 Recycled native timbers from $60 - $200 depending on size.