860 top $1490    1m sq top $1590

The Marley leaner is a new take on an old favourite. Sides made from recycled iron, creating a character filled piece with a difference.

Materials: Flattened recycled iron sheets with macrocarpa top. Finished with Black Dog oil to nourish and protect.

Pictured in Honey.

Stencils: YOU CAN

1. Customise with own stencil design.

2. Choose from our range of pre made stencils, including old roofing company logos.

3Leave all sides blank

4. Stick to the Standard Stencils: Black Dog logo, Sandow, Donalds and the Lysaght stencils are available free of charge.

Lysaght was founded in 1880 by John Lysaght. The company pioneered steel galvanization which has been made in Australia since 1921.

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