Introducing the Marley Leaner: A Modern Twist on a Classic Favorite

The Marley Leaner is a new take on an old favorite, bringing character and charm to any space with a touch of historical significance. This distinctive piece is crafted from recycled roofing iron and beautiful macrocarpa wood, creating a unique blend of rugged and rustic appeal.

Named after our factory manager’s beloved “bitzer” dog, Marley, this leaner embodies the same loyalty and strength.

What sets the Marley Leaner apart is the Lysaght stencil. Founded in 1880 by John Lysaght, the company pioneered the process of steel galvanization, making a significant impact on construction and industrial practices. This historical nod not only adds a unique aesthetic but also a story to tell.

The Marley Leaner is more than just furniture—it’s a conversation starter. Its robust construction ensures durability, while its recycled materials showcase a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Stencils pictured are free. Keep all 4 or choose any combo. Pictured in Honey.