Found in every shearing shed across the country in the twentieth century, the Woolpress is an iconic piece of New Zealand history.
Based on the original Donalds Woolpress, Black Dog has created a classic rugged leaner that will take pride of place indoors or outdoors.

Over recent years different size tops have been created through customer feedback. Intially the 860mm square was the tried and true however a smaller version was requested by our friends at “The Clive” in Hastings hence the creation of a smaller version.   Since then our 1m square top has become a hit giving alittle more overhang allowing more leg room when perching on a stool.

Timber Finish:  Pine ply base with Macrocarpa top. Finished with Black Dog oil to nourish and protect.

Antique Brown

These leaners come with standard Black Dog logo, wording “in dog we trust for years of faithful service”, Sandow & Donalds stencils.

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