Found in every shearing shed across the country in the twentieth century, the woolpress is an iconic piece of New Zealand history.
Based on the original Donalds Woolpress, Black Dog has created a classic rugged leaner that will take pride of place in any indoor or outdoor entertaining space.
Guests will instantly feel comfortable with such a charismatic yet down-to-earth piece of historic kiwi furniture.

Timber Finish:  Pine ply base with macrocarpa top

Antique Brown
Note: Colour tones may vary depending on timber and stain batches.

Additional Extras:
Extra shelving, rustic doors, or room for a fridge or a sink – P.O.A
Customised doors, shelving and flooring – P.O.A
Umbrella hole – $50.00

Stencils:          You choose!!
Any of our standard stencils are free.

The official brand of the historic woolpress manufacturer, Donalds and Sandow, Black Dog logo and ‘in dog we trust’.
Choose all 4, one per side or any combination.

OR Customise with your own stencil design, priced from $130

OR Choose from our extensive range of pre made stencils

OR Leave all sides blank


Please enquire for further information when you request a quote.

Options Available: