Take a Seat, Outdoors!

Forms are a fantastic way to seat plenty of your friends and family – even that one uncle who always brings his own chair “just in case.” For maximum impact and rustic charm, team them up with a matching Pioneer Outdoor Table.Together, they’re the dynamic duo of outdoor dining!

🌟 Strength in Numbers: With angled bracing for support and strength, these forms are ready for anything – from family feasts to impromptu garden parties

🌞 Sunshine and Socializing: These forms are built to withstand the elements and plenty of use. Perfect for garden parties, family gatherings, or just enjoying a sunny day in style.

🪑 Room for Everyone: Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or just a casual get-together, our forms provide plenty of seating. And if someone brings a surprise guest, just slide over – there’s always room for one more!

🌿 Garden Delight: Pop one in the garden as a garden seat. It’s the perfect spot to sit, sip your tea, and judge your neighbors’ lawn care skills. Plus, it makes your garden look like a posh park!

Upgrade your outdoor space with our stylish, sturdy forms.