Take a Seat, Outdoors!

Forms are a fantastic way to seat plenty of your friends and family – even that one uncle who always brings his own chair “just in case.” For maximum impact and rustic charm, team them up with a matching X Leg Outdoor Table and our 450h Slat stools at the ends.

🌟 Strength: With angled bracing for support and strength, and stained with our Black Dog oil, these forms are built to withstand the elements and plenty of use

🤣 No More Chair Scramble: Forget the hassle of finding extra chairs. Our forms are long enough to accommodate everyone.

🚀 Space-Saving Genius: Got limited space? No problem! The X- Leg form slides under the table when not in use.

Upgrade your outdoor space with our stylish, sturdy X Leg forms. Perfect for gatherings, or just enjoying a sunny day in style.