OPENING HOURS: Monday– Friday: 10AM – 4:30pm | Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday:
10AM – 4:30pm | Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Woolpress Round Outdoor Table

Woolpress Round Outdoor Table


Gather ‘Round the Woolpress Table – Social Dining at Its Best!

Introducing the Woolpress Dining Table, inspired by the original wool presses found in shearing sheds around NZ. This round beauty is designed to bring people together, making every meal a social event.

🔄 Round and Ready: The round design of the Woolpress  Table means no one gets stuck with a table leg in their way. Say goodbye to awkward table legs because who needs them when you can have more friends?

🎉 Social Butterfly: This table is made for mingling. With no head of the table, everyone’s part of the conversation. Forget about shouting across a long table. The Woolpress Table keeps everyone within easy talking distance.

💪 Built to Last: Crafted with the same robust spirit as the wool presses of old, this table is solid and sturdy. It’s ready for everything from quiet family BBQs to raucous holiday feasts.

🎨 Customise with Confidence (or Sheepishness): Feeling bold? Proudly add your family name to make it truly yours.  Or add whatever quirky stencil tickles your fancy. Any of the standard Black Dog stencils are free.

Your table, your rules!

Pair up with our  Black Bean or Yeti Chairs.

1.5m: seats 6-8 people, depending on chair size.
1.8m: seats 8-10 people, depending on chair size.

Additional Extras:
Lazy Susan – $390.00

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