• Charming step stools for the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.
    Dimensions & Pricing: 2 Step Narrow Stool - $149 -Pictured below center in Honey, Blonde & Antique Brown 2 Step Wide Stool - $169 Rectangular Milking Stool - $129  Note: we no longer make the 3 step stool 
  • Gun Metal galvanised stools. Affectionally known as Gun Dogs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Come with Black Dog, "in dog we trust/rust" or plain domed tops. 780mm high Ply top $179 Macrocarpa top $219 Close up of Gun Dog stool

    Gun Dog Stools with Pioneer Leaner

  • These solid metal high back stools sit perfectly with any of the Black Dog leaners

    Available in two sizes- Standard (on the left) and Big Boy (on the right)                 Standard High Back : 350mm x 350mm x750 high
    • Indoor  or Outdoor $399                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Big Boy High Back - 400mm x 400mm x 750 high
    • Indoor or Outdoor  $479 each
  • Soft, luxurious bar stools with beautiful stained wood finish. Extremely comfortable! Create your stool. Choose the between cowhide or leather  & colour, detailing, leg colour, and height you desire and get the stools made your way. Step 1: Choose your fabric. Cowhide-black & white OR chocco & white. NZ Leather -Settler Serge Brown OR Settler Black Step 2: Choose detailing. With or without top stitching. With or without lacing (domes) Pictured as numbered:
    1.  Cowhide- Black & white. Corner seams. Lacing
    2.  Cowhide-Brown & white. Top stitch. No lacing
    3.  Cowhide- Choco & white. Corner seams. No lacing
    4.  Leather-Settler Serge. Top stitch. Lacing
    5.  Leather Settler Serge. Top stitch. No lacing
    Step 3: Choose leg colour. Antique Brown. Charcoal. Step 4: Choose height. 450mm high (chair stool) $319 650mm high $349 750mm high $399 Optional: Add a metal high back for an extra $100 Pictured below: Metal High Back Stool 750mm high Settler Serge brown leather & choco tan cowhide. Top stitch. No lacing .Charcoal legs. $499 each.    
  • Perfect height for the Black Dog leaners! Each stool is unique and colours may vary depending on rusting process. Rusted by Black Dog and sealed with an industrial polyurethane. Can be used indoors or outdoors.   Price: Ply top  $179                 Macrocarpa top $219
  • Add a touch of rustic chic to your home with Black Dog upholstered stools. Choose from a range of cowhides or leathers to complement your interior. Available in Rusty and Gun Dog styles. 780mm high - $299

    Rusty Dog Stools Black & White Cowhide - $299

  • Curved for comfort, these solid wood stools are perfect for the kitchen or team up with Black Dog leaners. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Sizes: 450mm high (chair stool) $199 650mm high $229 750mm high $329