Forms are available in the Pioneer, High Country or X -Leg styles to accompany our tables. 

Outdoor forms are made from Macrocarpa with slight gaps to allow water drainage. Indoor forms are laminated and made from Pine, Macrocarpa and recycled Rimu.

Pictured left- Indoor High Country Form Macrocarpa Antique Brown

Pioneer Indoor 2m  Pine  Antique Brown

Pioneer Outdoor 1.5m Mac Blonde

X-Leg Indoor 2m Mac           Antique Brown

High Country Outdoor Mac Antique Brown

Dimensions & Pricing:

Prices are for Pine – Please add 15% Macrocarpa and add 35% Rimu.

1m x 400mm wide: $650

1.5m x 400mm wide: $780

2.0m x 400mm wide: $910

2.5m x 400mm wide: $1020